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Feeling befuddled?


Welcome to the site of the Chrysanthemum Literary Society founded by Koon Woon in Seattle, 2003.

Our Services


Goldfish Press

We are the solution. We done it.

We are eclectic. We seen much.

We publish books of all genres.


Chrysanthemum Literary Society

We do manuscript consultation, editing, book doctoring, and publishing. 


five willows consulting

We will help you solve problems, period.

Support us through our store

We hope to fund this site through thoughtful gift items our viewers and members can purchase. Thank you for your kindness.

Best Sellers


My name is Alexa Young

I am the manager of our store.

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Our Team.

Our team is dedicated to make your life simpler and more luxurious, even though we are are unorthodoc in  unique way. 

Sale Branding

The original wix site.


Made by Koon with respect

I approach poetry as I do careful cooking. 


This is a forum for discussions of poetry, mind, language, and any topic of interests to readers and participants.

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